James Spurway is a purpose-driven, impact-focused, angel lead investor who helps first-time sustainable business model founders navigate their external fundraising journey.He is also known as the fundraising angel. He is originally from Australia. He comes from a rural setting in Queensland Australia. In his own words, he was born in a very poor family. His family was literally dirt poor. This phrase had a whole meaning to him since their floor was even made of dirt! With such an upbringing, he learned very early in life the importance of working hard, that hard work gets you to where you want to go. His upbringing also conditioned him to be someone who always gives back. He believes it is important to give back not just when you have plenty but also when you have little.

His first company is Indochina Consulting Pte. Which was in existence for 23 year up until 5 years ago. He left his corporate job in the early 90s and moved to Vietnam to set up his company. Years later during his entrepreneurial journey, he discovered he was really good at making money and deep down he was motivated to see other people succeed. As an angel investor, he derives a lot of joy in helping young and upcoming start-ups overcome the hurdles that are there at the beginning and helping them stand on their feet.

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