Giannandrea Giammanco is the CEO of FVTURA. This is not your typical start-up incubator. Giannandrea describes the company as a venture builder rather than a start-up incubator

A typical start-up incubator usually offers just funding and mentorship. What differentiates Fvtura from other incubators is that they give more. In addition to funding and mentorship, they offer support in terms of operational support. They have the capability in terms of manpower to support the different functions of a start-up, be it coding, marketing, design, etc. All this is done through the in-house Fvtura team.

Andrea took this path from personal experience. As a start-up founder, he initially struggled to find the right operational support for his business. The few he found were very expensive and were not trustworthy. Fvtura does not charge start-ups for operational support. They offer investments for the start-ups in return they get equity. This ensures that Fvtura and the start-up are aligned. The team have to make sure the start-up succeeds in order for them to get a positive return on their investment. The company has team members from across ten countries. They target the most under-served communities which they believe have great entrepreneurs which can be used in the larger and greater cities if only they get the right guidance early on in the start-up stage.


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