In this episode, we’re talking about an innovative platform that’s shaking up the industry and empowering artists like never before. Our guest is Kofi Mensah, the brilliant mind behind SAGOS DISTRO.Kofi is the CEO of SAGOS DISTRO.

Originally from Ghana, Kofi moved to New York seven years ago with a background in music management. He started SAGOS as a side hustle while working in accounting, but his passion for entrepreneurship soon took over. He went on to work with tech firms in music management, and that’s how SAGOS Distro was born.

So what makes SAGOS so special? Well, it’s a music licensing and distribution aggregator with NFT minting technology that’s designed for any active music business. That means labels, recording studios, producers, artist managers, music tech companies, and collectives can all benefit from this innovative platform.

And the numbers speak for themselves. As of early 2023, SAGOS has over 19,000 songs in their catalog, with more on the way. They’re in the process of onboarding over 600,000 more songs from different music management companies from the US, Africa, Asia, and Europe. And get this, some of these management companies don’t just offer music and video, but also animated music videos. Talk about a game-changer!

The music management industry has a notorious reputation for exploitation, but SAGOS is here to change that. They’re a breath of fresh air, rising above the negative reputation of music management and empowering artists and industry professionals like never before.

Watch the full video below:

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