Joining us from Mexico, our guests today delve into the podcasting arena. Jorge Gonzalez, the founder of Nodalab, introduces their collaborative platform for podcast creation and growth. Sofia Benedicto, Nodalab’s co-founder, podcast producer, digital content developer, and creative writer, is Accompanying him.

Remarkably, there are over 200 million content creators worldwide, with the industry valued at $100 billion. Podcasting, a thriving medium, boasts 4 million podcasts and a market worth $13 billion. Astonishingly, only 1% of content is monetized, leaving creators grappling for income and sponsors. The journey to secure a first sponsorship spans around six and a half months, dampening creators’ spirits.

Sofia and Jorge birthed Nodalab to tackle this challenge. Nodalab equips podcasters with tools for pre-production, concept creation, post-production, and monetization. Focused on Mexico and Latin America, where podcasting is burgeoning, Nodalab connects podcasters with interested brands, bridging a market gap. Elevate content, engage with brands, and monetize seamlessly with Nodalab – the ultimate podcasting solution.

Check the full episode below: