In today’s enlightening conversation, we unveil the inspiring journey of Iambic—a next-generation shoe brand that delivers precision-fit shoes at scale through AI, virtual scanning, and streamlined manufacturing. Speaking with us today is Maeve Wang who is the co-founder and CEO of Iambic and Raza Hassan, co-founder and CTO.

At the heart of Iambic lies a deeply personal struggle endured by Maeve herself. Imagine facing the frustrating dilemma of never finding shoes that fit perfectly. Maeve’s breaking point came after an astonishing 300 shoe returns and exchanges within a mere three years—both online and in physical stores.

Her quest led her on a tireless journey, spanning from upstate Connecticut to the depths of Jersey, testing every foot scanner in existence, trying countless brands until the undeniable truth struck her: something was amiss in the shoe-making system.

Maeve didn’t stop there. She embarked on a quest to unravel the truth, speaking with countless consumers, friends, and family, only to uncover a staggering reality—27% of people faced the same footwear woes. A chance encounter with a biomedical engineering professor, a friend with an expert perspective introduced her to Raza and that’s how they connected and began the journey to starting Iambic. Raza had just finished his doctorate degree in biomedical engineering with a focus on computational biomechanics and musculoskeletal joint research.

The highlight is when Raza explains in detail the process of creating a shoe. You will also learn how Iambic creates shoes that fit perfectly for each customer using its proprietary technology platform. Raza explains how they use AI and streamlined manufacturing to automate and modernize the shoe-making process, from virtual scanning to production. He demonstrates how they transform a foot shape into a shoe mold, and then into a shoe product, using their advanced computational biomechanics models and machine learning algorithms. He also shows an example of a white sneaker with red highlights that is custom-made for a customer’s foot. You will be amazed by the speed, accuracy, and artistry of their technology and their product.

You will also hear how Iambic’s product has been very well received by the market, especially by the early adopters and tastemakers who appreciate the premium nature and value proposition of their shoes. Maeve shares how they sold out of their first limited drop without any paid ads, just because of the high demand and the strong connection with the public. She expresses her excitement and gratitude for the overwhelming response and the positive feedback that they have received. You will be impressed by the traction and momentum that they have achieved with their product and their brand.

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