Get ready for an engaging conversation as Michael sits down with the unstoppable Jennifer Eden, CEO, and Co-founder of Tampon Tribe. Jennifer, together with her business partner Gabriela Alves(Gaby), embarked on a journey to create a company that is truly making a difference in the world. It all began in Beijing, where Jennifer worked on marketing for Gaby’s restaurant. Their successful partnership led to the sale of the restaurant and the start of a new chapter as business partners, with Tampon Tribe at the forefront.

Tampon Tribe is revolutionizing the period product industry with its 100% certified organic cotton and plastic-free period products. Their mission is simple, yet powerful: to eliminate all toxins from period products. Jennifer sheds light on the importance of using organic period products, especially for people suffering from endocrine system disorders.

Jennifer’s personal struggles with endometriosis led her to seek alternative period products, and ultimately, led to the creation of Tampon Tribe. Their journey was not without its challenges, but they overcame them all with resilience and grit. And the timing couldn’t have been better, coming at a time when the sustainability revolution was gaining momentum.

One of the most striking facts Jennifer shares is that plastic period products, including tampon applicators and pad wraps, have the shortest lifespan of single-use plastics on the planet. But Tampon Tribe is a game-changer, as they are making organic, sustainable, and compostable products that are changing the lives of people and the planet.

Get ready to be inspired and motivated by this truly uplifting conversation. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from a company that’s not only successful in business but is also making a real difference in the world. Tune in and be part of the Tampon Tribe revolution.

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