Ever wondered about the captivating world of esports and why it’s setting the global stage ablaze with excitement? Esports, short for electronic sports, isn’t just about gamers battling it out; it’s a dynamic fusion of entertainment, culture, and commerce, igniting the imaginations of millions worldwide, particularly among the younger generation.
Picture this: Professional video game competitions and teams, watched by throngs of devoted fans, taking center stage in a new-age arena that’s changing how we define entertainment. Now, if you’re as curious as we are about this phenomenon, you won’t want to miss this episode of The Accelerator with Michael Conniff where we delve into the world of esports alongside Marco Mereu, the visionary CEO of M80, a pioneering esports company.
In this episode, your curiosity will be stoked as you explore:
  • The Esports Universe: Discover why esports has become a global sensation, capturing the hearts of millions, especially among the younger crowd.
  • Market Size and Impact: Get the lowdown on the colossal esports market and how it stacks up against traditional sports, from viewership to revenue and sponsorship.
  • Crossover Athletes: Uncover how athletes from various sports are diving into esports, not just as players but as investors and advocates.
  • The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Follow Marco’s remarkable transition from the world of law to becoming a serial entrepreneur in the gaming industry, marked by the successful founding and selling of several companies.
  • Inside M80: Peek behind the curtain of M80 as an esports powerhouse. Learn how they identify, train, and support their players as contracted athletes.
  • The Money Game: Delve into the intricate world of esports contracts, with some worth staggering sums, akin to transfers in European football.
  • Diverse Revenue Streams: Unearth the secret to M80’s revenue generation, spanning esports, sponsorships, e-commerce, digital goods, game publishing, and consumer packaged goods.
  • Building Popularity: Learn how M80 evaluates player marketability and skills, leveraging their stardom to sell products beyond the gaming realm.
  • The Gambling Angle: Explore the fascinating but regulated world of esports betting, and how it fits into this burgeoning landscape.
  • Quest for Growth: Understand M80’s relentless pursuit of “escape velocity” as they push boundaries and chart a course for future success.
  • Creating Games: Get a glimpse into M80’s strategy of publishing their own games, capitalizing on influencer publishing and the creator economy.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Discover what sets M80 apart, as they proudly showcase a diverse portfolio of teams, games, and revenue streams.

This episode is full of fascinating insights and stories from Marco Mereu, who shares his entrepreneurial journey and his vision for the future of esports.  Tune in to listen to the full episode.

Check out the full episode below: