In this episode, the CEO of Arrow, Rolan Reichel, and Michael had a motivating conversation. Small businesses are being helped by the company to increase their social influence, their impact, and their revenue. With the use of artificial intelligence and a pending patent, Arrow, businesses may use content creation to gain the impact they require. Every company, according to Rolan, is involved in the creation of content, and the companies that succeed are the ones that are able to maintain all of their social media content relevant and interesting.

Rolan has had a career in marketing and technology for more than 15 years. He used his work experience to become an entrepreneur and went on to start Arrow. Discover how Arrow’s main objective to promote economic prosperity for the little guy is driven by his love for assisting small enterprises. Rolan talks about how small businesses have a special place in his heart since he grew up in a household that ran a small business. His parents owned a small business in Austin Texas where he grew up.

There has never been a better opportunity to step up your social media game with 41 million individuals employed by small enterprises. What distinguishes Arrow from its rivals is the capacity to create material that is ready to use and doesn’t require further input. Tune in to hear how small businesses in a variety of industries, such as insurance and toy firms, are creating and managing content with Arrow’s cutting-edge platform.

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