Welcome, everyone, to another exciting episode of the Accelerator with Michael Conniff podcast! We’re here to bring you inspiring conversations with remarkable entrepreneurs who are making waves in various fields. Today, we have an extraordinary guest joining us: the incredible Brent Barcus. Not only is he a successful real estate investor, but he’s also a remarkably talented musician and sound designer. How cool is that?

In our conversation, Brent chats with our host, Michael Conniff, about his company, 65Capital. They specialize in acquiring Multi-Family assets, catering to passive investors. But that’s not all—Brent takes us on a deep dive into his two captivating worlds: real estate investing and the mesmerizing realm of music and audio engineering. We’ll even talk about some of the incredible hits Brent has been involved in.

Throughout his career, Brent has worn many hats—guitarist, producer, composer—and he’s worked with countless artists and projects. On top of that, he’s established his very own company, I-65 Capital Investments. This venture focuses on syndicating multifamily properties in high-growth markets across the US. Wondering what syndication is all about and why it’s a fantastic way to invest in lucrative assets that generate cash flow and appreciation? Well, Brent will break it down for us and reveal his strategies for raising capital, which involve collaborating with individual investors, family offices, 1031 exchanges, and self-directed IRAs.

But wait, there’s more! Brent also enjoys a thriving career as a sound designer and mixer for film and TV. At his state-of-the-art studio, I-65 Sound, he crafts captivating audio experiences for various content, from commercials to blockbuster movies. Just imagine the impressive list of clients he’s worked with—Paramount Plus, Hulu, NASCAR, Motor Trend, Volvo, and many others. He’s even lent his talent to projects like the critically acclaimed film 1917, which stunned audiences with its seamless shots and intricate soundscapes.
During our conversation, Brent will share fascinating insights into his work as a sound designer and mixer, explaining how he infuses creativity and meticulous attention to detail into his craft. Get ready for some insider tips and tricks as he reveals why he prefers mixing at low volumes and how his hypersensitive ear enhances his work.

This episode promises to be an absolute blast, packed with valuable information and captivating stories. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation with the multi-talented Brent Barcus, a true entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge to share. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the show!|

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