Alex Porter, Founder & CEO of Mod Tech Labs Inc talks to Michael Conniff about their revolutionary technology. MOD is a mobile + cloud-based software that makes 3D in minutes! The way this works is, that you take images using your mobile phone or any camera and upload them to the MOD processing portal. The automated portal outputs 3D digital content. The technology uses the data from the photos and scans to create a real and true 3D object. The goal is to make 3D data much more accessible. The company is always evolving and adding features to make 3D imagery more accessible. They are on track to add 3D to NFT capability to their technology.

The company has had a successful first round which was a venture round. They managed to raise $770,000 in venture funding. They have an app on the Apple App Store and Android Playstore where anyone can go download and explore the basics of the technology.

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