In this episode of The Accelerator with Michael Conniff, we’re excited to bring you an exciting conversation featuring Sam Bogoch, CEO of Axle AI. Axle AI is a cutting-edge company using AI to revolutionize the media industry and make media smarter. Axle AI is the home of radically simple AI-driven MAM, no-code video workflows, and collaborative browser editing.

What’s really cool about Axle AI is that they’re focused on serving business clients, rather than just individual consumers. But Sam has hopes for the future, and he’s optimistic that Axle AI’s technology will eventually be available to everyone.

During the episode, Sam shares some fascinating insights into the early days of Axle AI, which dates back to 2018. At that time, the process of tagging media was a manual and time-consuming task – but with the help of AI, Axle AI is able to streamline and automate that process.

Sam offers his perspective on where AI is headed in the next 5 to 10 years, and what we can expect from this exciting technology. Tune in for an insightful and thought-provoking conversation.

Watch the full video below: