In this episode, Michael sits down for a chat with Courtney Presto, the CEO and Founder of Presto( This is a revolutionary social media platform that’s changing the game for content creators everywhere!

With Presto, artists no longer have to struggle to monetize their content – they can start earning as soon as they sign up. This is the first social media platform that monetizes artists with no barrier to entry.

Courtney isn’t just talking the talk. She’s walking the walk. She’s a seasoned content creator with a background in film production and computer science and engineering. And with her experience in market research and the entertainment industry, she understands the challenges that content creators face.

Presto boasts a truly remarkable global network, working with innovative content creators from an impressive 22 countries. And here’s the best part: Presto eliminates the barriers to entry, making it easier for content creators to turn their passion into a livelihood.

One of the highlights from the episode is when she talks about monetization for content creators. The path to monetization is a difficult one for content creators. It can take a minimum of six months for a new content creator to make their first dollar. But with Presto, that uphill climb just got a whole lot smoother. Tune in to an enlightening episode on content monetization.

Watch the video below:

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