In this episode, we have Aviv Shalgi as our guest. Aviv is the CEO of Solar Simplified, a company that helps homeowners, renters, and businesses save money on their monthly utility bills by connecting them to local solar farms. He’s a true visionary when it comes to renewable energy, and we’re excited to hear his story.

Aviv started his career working in Israeli intelligence. He has had an interesting career journey. He switched careers five times before becoming an entrepreneur. If you’re someone who’s questioning your career fit or wondering if you’re in the right industry, you’ll definitely want to tune in and hear Aviv’s unique experiences and insights.

As someone who has worked both as an employee and a founder in the startup world, Aviv has a fascinating perspective on the different mindsets involved. He talks about the challenges and rewards of switching careers, and how he eventually found his true passion.

Aviv co-founded Solar Simplified in 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. But he saw an opportunity to create a business that could make a positive impact on people’s lives, especially those who were struggling financially. Solar Simplified is the perfect intersection of renewable energy and financial savings, and Aviv’s passion for sustainability is evident in everything he does.

So if you’re interested in learning more about renewable energy and entrepreneurship, join us for this episode of The Accelerator with Michael Conniff Podcast. Aviv’s story is truly inspiring, and his vision for the future is something we can all get behind!

Watch the full episode below: