Dr. Nigel Clarke is the Senior IT Professional focused on sales, marketing, and customer success. An Executive with 20+ years of experience in international (Europe, APAC & Middle East, and North America) technology sales and SaaS.

Dr. Nigel Clarke wears many hats. However, he has a special heart for startups, marketing, and capital raising. Since he is in the Startup scene, he gets a lot of pitches. As a healthcare investor, these are some of the qualities that distinguish a potentially successful Startup from the rest include, Interesting science.

The Startup should be able to offer a solution where current treatments are inadequate. Is it going to make a difference? Is the technology going to make an impact globally? Not just in Europe or the Americas. He is also a member at UNIPLAT. This is a platform specifically designed to help researchers and entrepreneurs worldwide get more exposure and connect with others who want to contribute to improving global research and humanitarian projects.

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