Aditya Sharma is the Co-founder and CEO of HiCounselor. This is a career accelerator for recent grads and early stage professionals. The company has been in existence for two years, 8 months and has a success rate of 100%. Candidates who go through HiCounselor get ten times more interviews, they get jobs within five to six weeks instead of waiting for six months or more.

Aditya was prompted to start the company from a personal experience. He sent out numerous applications for a job after clearing grad school at Duke University without any success. The few interviews he got, he wasn’t ready for them. This went on for six months and out of frustration, he came up with a solution to help people like him secure jobs. Aditya believes the two key problems that recent graduates face is lack of interview preparedness and lack of strong professional networks that can help them secure jobs. This is the key solution that HiCounselor offers.

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