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You never knew what you might find in those handouts under Human Potential or Leisure Pursuits. You never knew, and it was in one of those handouts, under Human Potential—and not Leisure Pursuits—that I found the kissing class: Kissing Without Missing, they called it.

Notes on the Supernovel II

As writers we exists more or less in one flat, rectangular, linear dimension that goes from A to Z, from start to finish, without any easy mechanism for detours, asides, or embellishment. We also write in text without an easy opportunity to incorporate additional media.

Write Good!

What follows below is the Author’s Note and Preface to WRITE GOOD 1.0, my virgin attempt to codify the rules of writing as I see ’em. Coming soon, one by one, will be the rules proper. In all cases, above and below, I would love to hear your comments.